Days of Deutsch – Learn German with pictures of Berlin

Days of Deutsch helps Berlin Expats to learn new German words:

“The idea of Days of Deutsch came to me after two months of learning German using a book that seemed to be stuck in the 90s both in terms of images and stereotypes. I decided it was time for something new and different, and Days of Deutsch was born.”

Days of Deutsch helps you to learn new German words, day by day, word by word, image by image. Some of it is useful, some is utterly useless.” (Polly from London who started the project)

“With Days of Deutsch you can learn German word by word through beautiful photographs of Berlin places and typical Berlin situations. It fuses the Germaness of the city and the language  with the witty curious and adventurous eye of an expat photographer called Polly.
Polly is a Londoner  who moved from New Zealand to Berlin. Since she works as a social media content creator and was learning German in her spare time she wanted to combine these two activities. Some of the words she presents are very useful, some are utterly useless but funny. And that is actually the right mix to get into a new language. See my selection of favorite pics in this article.” (Claudio / I Heart Berlin)

Article about “Days of Deutsch” on “I Heart Berlin”:

Image: Days of Deutsch (Screenshot)

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